Wonderful! This Headset Can Make It's Users 'Skinny' Without Diet!!

Wonderful! This Headset Can Make It's Users 'Skinny' Without Diet!!

When someone is overweight, then someone will take several ways to get thinner to the ideal. The most common way is to go on a diet of its own kind there are various. This time, there's something unique: A headset that is commonly used for listening to music, can now be to slim down the body! Is it true?

SAN DIEGO, OKEZONE - For most women, losing weight may be a difficult thing to do. But now, a new technology is created to make it easier for its users to lose weight easily even without exercise or diet. A newly created headset that has a signal on the brain is created for those of you who have problems on weight to obesity. This device is called Modius, which promises to accelerate metabolism and burning body fat by 16 percent. Similarly quoted from the Daily Mail page. Even a change in body weight can be done without any exercise and diet.

Wonderful! This Headset Can Make It's Users 'Skinny' Without Diet!!
This headset works by stimulating the area of ​​the brain, non invasive that can control the body that stores fat. The result, the user can lose weight and add muscle mass. This headset itself is launched pre-order and can be owned at a price of 190 pounds or approximately 3,2 million in Indonesian Rupiah. The device itself has also been developed by the British Neuroscientist at the University of California San Diego (UCSD)

Co-Inventor, Dr. Jason McKeown said that this device has reduced the fat in his body as much as 44 percent. Although in an average study reduced by 8 to 10 percent, when using the device for 45 minutes in four months, the results reached 44 percent, "Adding or losing weight can now be controlled through your brain. Where it controls eating, hornon, metabolism to how much fat you want to keep,"he said quoted from the Daily Mail page. 

"Through this advanced technology and neurological research, we have found the vestibular system has a greater effect than one's ability in reducing and maintaining weight," he said. This Modius device uses a small electrical energy to be able to stimulate the vestibular nerve that flows into the brain from behind the ear. In its use there are several mechanisms of fat burning, reduce appetite to activate the metabolism hormone.

How? Is it interested to try it ... especially for women who want to lose weight?

Original Source: Techno Okezone (Indonesia)

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