By utilizing this technique, you can get free Wi-Fi!!

By utilizing this technique, you can get free Wi-Fi!!

Yeah. Who does not want to get free Wi-Fi access right now? The need for the internet has become very important lately so it is used by entrepreneurs internet providers to play the business - and that often troubles us, you know. Therefore, if you hear the word 'free' and 'internet', who is not tempted?

Nowaday, Wi-Fi can be found anywhere with ease. Almost every place must provide free Wifi facilities for visitors. From, Friday Aug 4, 2017-- here are some applications that can be used to search for Wifi when you are in a foreign place.

1. Facebook "Find Wifi" 

Facebook has a feature to find the Wifi connection around you. At first this feature can only be used on iOS and only in certain countries. Now iOS and Android users worldwide can use this feature. This feature can be found in the "Other" tab of the Facebook app for mobile phones, after pressing "find Wifi" or "Find Wifi". Facebook will display a map that notifies nearby Wifi, as well as details about the business or store that provides the Wifi.

2. Instabridge

This app is the largest Wifi community app in the world, you can connect to various places with free Wifi facilities. With 1 million users, you can get the Wifi password easily as long as there is 1 person who knows the password. But keep in mind that Instabridge is not an application to hack on Wifi, and can not be used to hack Wifi in any way. Instabridge syncs the selected Wifi password with a password already registered by other users.

3. Wefi
WeFi is an amazing app that automatically connects your device to the free Wifi around you. With over 7 million downloads and hundreds of millions of hotspots, Wefi can detect free Wifi connections in the area around you. By using Wefi, you can quickly find out where Free Wifi is fast and available. If you are going to an unknown city, you can make a plan and see which areas in the area visit have free Wifi connection.

How? Interested to try applications above? Hope this article can help you to get free Wi-Fi in foreign place!!

Original Source: Techno Okezone (Indonesia)

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