This is the four most expensive iPhone ever in the world!!!

This is the four most expensive iPhone ever in the world!!!
IPhone is known as a premium-class smartphone that offers attractive appearance and specifications, but must be redeemed at a price that is quite expensive. But, maybe the iPhone that you often see in the iPhone sales outlet which you consider 'expensive', there will be nothing with four iPhone below ...

Apple's smartphone is indeed famous for its distinctive appearance and price is quite expensive. Well, not only released a smartphone with millions of dollars alone, Apple also turned out to have a smartphone collection with a more fantastic price. Here's the list.

1. Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6
This is the four most expensive iPhone ever in the world!!!

Claimed as the most expensive smartphone in the world today. The price for a unit of Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 reaches 45.5 Million US$. This is arguably fantastic considering the specifications that carried is not much different from the usual iPhone 6.

Then, what makes the price of this smartphone so expensive? It turns out the body design of the Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 is the basis of the fantastic price offered. Rose Gold that lined this smartphone to 24 carats, combined with a casing made of 18 carat gold. Luxury body look and gold plated of course make this smartphone super expensive.

2. iPhone 5 Black Diamond
This is the four most expensive iPhone ever in the world!!!

From the looks we can see how fancy iPhone this one. Almost the entire body of this smartphone coated with gold and diamonds. Even the front button alone has been coated with a black diamond of 26 carats, while the back is filled with 53 best quality diamonds.

On the side, the iPhone 5 Black Diamond is surrounded by 600 glittering white diamonds. Then, you can see the back side made of 24 carat pure gold with 135 grams of content. Although still carrying a specification that is not much different from the usual iPhone 5, this luxury smartphone is estimated to have a price of up to 15,5 Million US$!

3. Diamond Rose iPhone 4

Still about the incredible design, this smartphone from Apple also has a fantastic price for the specifications and features that can be spelled out the same as the usual iPhone 4. Yeah. iPhone 4! Not much different from the iPhone 5 Black Diamond, this smartphone is also surrounded by diamonds and gold plated which makes the price becomes very expensive.

Priced at 8,250,000 US$, the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose has 500 pieces with 100 carat diamonds that are became the front of the phone and combined with the Home button that is coated with 8 carat diamond. On the back, there are about 53 diamonds that adorn the Apple logo.

4. Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G

The last is the Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G which is priced at 3,337,500 US$. Certainly not a cheap price for a smartphone. Especially with the specifications and features that are almost similar to the ordinary iPhone 3G. Just like the three most expensive iPhone mentioned above, the price that reaches billions is also located in the luxury of body design.

The Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G has three 22-carat gold colors that line the casing, yellow, white, and pink. On the front side there is a 7.1 carat diamond and 136 small diamonds placed around the screen. The back is also adorned with Apple logo lined with diamonds and gold that increasingly beautify appearance.

Here are the rows of the most expensive iPhone products, though some of them are outdated specifications. But, believe it or not, the prestige gained when using this product will be different when you use other smartphone brands.

Original Source: Jalantikus (Indonesia)

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