Blackberry's CEO: The cyber security is inevitable

Blackberry's CEO:  The cyber security is inevitable

With the increasing sophistication of information technology, not only is it easy to access the information we feel, but of course the emergence of a new kind of crime that has never existed before - known as 'cyber crime'. Given almost every executive activity is connected to this, talking about cybersecurity must be taken seriously.

From Liputan6 - Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry John Chen, said cyber security is a thing that can not be separated from various fields of technology. In Indonesia especially, this issue needs to be improved in order to protect user privacy.

"I think, cyber security is the most important issue because users know his smartphone in the future can do anything," Chen told Tekno at SCTV Tower on Thursday August 10, 2017.

Blackberry's CEO:  The cyber security is inevitable
BlackBerry's CEO, John Chen
"Smartphones can represent identity and data, banking, medical records, location, contacts, family information and passports, all accessible," he added. However, Chen said that accessibility is so risky to stolen irresponsible parties. Therefore, Indonesian users must be aware of the importance of cyber security system.

"Cyber ​​security is so challenging to adopt, but it can also be quick to do, so this area (cyber security) has the potential to become a big market and has a strong demand. We are (BlackBerry) ready to do it," Chen concluded.

For your information, the Canadian technology company will bring its software that moves in the field of cybersecurity. They claim, this software will be destined for smartphones - more precisely on corporate and government actors.

Chen was known to be in the middle of discussions with the Indonesian government -in this case with the Minister of Communications and Informatics of Indonesia (known as Menkominfo) Rudiantara- discussed the cyber security system solution in the form of software they will offer to the government.

Although not yet decided, Menkominfo Rudiantara said it was interested in the offer of cyber security system solutions provided by BlackBerry. However, they have not been able to decide whether this solution will be used or not.

Original Source: Tekno Liputan 6 (Indonesia)

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