Trying to Follow Nintendo, Sony will launch PlayStation 1 Classic Edition

Trying to Follow Nintendo, Sony will launch PlayStation 1 Classic Edition
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For those born in the 90s and above, who does not know the PS1 (PlayStation 1) console as a famous entertainment at that time? Maybe a lot of our childhood memories behind the game machine that is now a legend, but it seems Sony wants to revive the legend.

Yuslianson, Liputan6 - Can't be denied the success of Nintendo with its mini console, NES Classic Edition, making many other big companies follow-up 'revive' the old console.

In addition to Sega and Atari are eager to re-launch its old console on the market, Sony, reportedly will re-release his classic and most popular classic console, the PlayStation One (PSOne or PS1).

Like the NES Classic Edition and the SNES Classic Edition which is smaller than the original device, the PS1 Classic Edition is said to also have a tiny shape.

The news of PSOne's mini-console presence was revealed by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) CEO John Kodera in one recent interview session.

"We have not got much information to be revealed, we (SIE) continue to explore the old assets, and there are many ways to make it happen," said Kodera as quoted by Former Web, Monday, May 28, 2018.

Trying to Follow Nintendo, Sony will launch PlayStation 1 Classic Edition
John Kodera, Image Source: Toronto Star
The Reasons why PSOne Classic Edition Will Be Successful

Although there is no definitive news, the possibility of PSOne console back in the present market will certainly make a lot of gamers in the world rejoice. Especially when Sony includes a number of popular game titles into the console. Another reason that makes this console will sell best on the market is that PS2 games are available on the PlayStation Store, while PS1 games are not available on the market officially. Because today's gamers find it hard to find the titles of the ever popular game on PS1 on their new console, it would be a better thing to resell their console to make a profit.

Although Sony decided to produce the old console, the new possibility next year gamers in the world of new devices on the market. Since E3 2018 will soon be held next month, it is not impossible Sony will surprise the gamers in the world.

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