Smartwatch's Successful Story of Saving Human Lives

Smartwatch's Successful Story of Saving Human Lives
Image Source: NYMag
Technology is created and developed not for reasons of lust alone. Behind the sophistication, stored hope of goodness that will be felt by human beings without exception. Here is a story about the technology that originally only considered as a cool arena compete solely, in the end could even save human life.

Techno okezone - The latest technological devices are designed to facilitate and help human life. One of them is Apple Watch which has saved human life. As reported by the life of a lawyer who also has a hobby of boxing sport, unexpectedly can be saved by features embedded in Apple Watch. Where previously this person reportedly healthy and did not experience pain complaints.

But while he resting, Apple Watch detected the men's heartbeat of 121 bpm (beats per minute) from the normal rate of 49 bpm. Seeing the oddity, the man went straight to the hospital to do the examination. Sure enough from the examination results detected the existence of four blockage of four arteries and must run the operation.

Smartwatch's Successful Story of Saving Human Lives
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Another recent story, a teenager in Brandon, Florida, USA, Deanna Recktenwald (18), while attending Sunday worship at The Crossing Church suddenly gets a warning from Apple Watch. The clever clock reveals his heart rate while resting as high as 190bpm. The notice was followed up by seeking medical help. Her mother, a nurse, did not even stop asking if the timestamp was accurate. She rushed her daughter to the clinic where her heart rate was confirmed.

From the clinic, Deanna was rushed to the ER where she was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Both kidneys were found to be functioning at 20%, indicating that transplants would be needed in the future.

Deanna's mother also said, her daughter's Apple Watch saved her life. She also wrote a letter to Apple to tell her feelings to the company about this incident.

Smartwatch's Successful Story of Saving Human Lives
Image Source: Nozila
Apple's CEO Tim Cook responded by email and then posted a tweet about the incident.

"If it were not for (my son) Apple Watch worrying about his heartbeat, we would not have found his kidney problem, I honestly feel that Apple Watch you saved my daughter's life," said Stannay Recktenwald, mother of Deanna in a letter she wrote to Apple as reported from Phone Arena, Wednesday, April 2, 2018.

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