Awesome! Diponegoro University Student Finds Special Jacket for Blind People

Awesome! Diponegoro University Student Finds Special Jacket for Blind People

Technological advances should not only be felt by those who have a normal physical, but also for those with physical limitations. Perhaps on the basis of this idea, some creative students from one of the universities in Indonesia found a unique discovery for people with disabilities, the jackets for the blind.

Awesome! Diponegoro University Student Finds Special Jacket for Blind People

From, Four Diponegoro University students in Semarang, Indonesia created a special tool that can help the activities of the blind. This 'magic' tool is in the form of a jacket named Jet Net. Jet Net is an extension of Jackets for the Blind. From the name, this jacket has the ability to detect the situation on the front through the built-in sensors.

The sensor is able to detect the dangers of holes or large items on the front that are often hit by the blind. If wearing this jacket, the blind person is able to walk well without having to use the stick aids.

Jet Net was designed by four students of Undip Engineering Faculty who joined in Student Creativity Program (PKM--Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa/Indonesian) group. They are Teguh Kurniawan, Krismon Budiono, Rose Mutiara (Electrical Department) and Yuni Prihatiningtyas (Public Health Department).

The team leader of PKM Undip, Teguh Kurniawan, said the blinders' jacket is designed using eight main sensors and two angle sensors. Eight sensors are installed specifically in the front area of ​​the jacket, much like a jacket pocket. In addition to sensors, this tool also uses two ardunio or microprocessor devices, MP3 and one earphone. This series will then record automatically and report it briefly.

"The way the sensor works will automatically detect the conditions ahead," said Teguh in Semarang on Wednesday, July 19, 2017. The ultrasonic sensor then sends data to a number of devices and earphones in a second speed.

For power sensor and processor is only wearing a 12 volt battery that lasts up to six hours. The battery of this box is attached with a belt on the back. "Although impressed ribet, but the weight of this device is only 700 grams, including his jacket," he said.

Meanwhile, the MP3 player functions to issue sounds or warnings captured from the sensor. The jacket user will listen to instructions from earphones that have been installed in the ear. The warning sound is the sound 'watch down', 'alert front', 'watch out', and many more. Once worn, the blind person will immediately get a warning as they walk forward and there are objects next to or ahead of them. In fact, the hole or high difference can also be detected.

Krismon Budiono said, the tool was designed for four months since March 2017. The cost of research tool is worth 3,1 million IDR and has been tested to three people with blind. "Their response is good, they see that this tool is simple and has a quick response without having to stick with it, if mass produced can cost only 1 million IDR," he said.

Although in the form of electronic devices, Krismon said, this jacket can stand the rain. This jacket is also easily washed simply by removing the installed sensor."We are still developing the design using wireless systems and vibration ouput so no cable," he said.

Meanwhile, the student's team supervisor, Aris Triwanto, said that the student's work tools are still contested in the Student Creativity Program. If deemed appropriate, this tool will have the opportunity to follow the national competition in Makassar. "In addition to publication, the important indicator of this student's work is to be able to be used by the community," he said.


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