Having an Insomnia problem? This Apps might help you!

Having an Insomnia problem? This Apps might help you!

Having problems with sleepless nights or insomnia does make our daily activities become unstable. Various ways will definitely be done so we get a quality night's sleep ... maybe some of the applications below can help overcome your insomnia!

FYI, Insomnia is a symptom of sleep disorders, caused by illness or psychological problems.

In order to trouble sleeping does not make you stress, you can try to do therapy by using the help of Android applications. Although the application is normal, but the resulting performance is believed to reduce the effects of insomnia and optimize your sleep.

Well, what Android applications for insomnia can you try to overcome your insomnia? Here's the list and the reviews!

Having an Insomnia problem? This Apps might help you!

In order to help you who have trouble sleeping at night or during the day, just try Pzizz. This app plays audio recordings with different frequencies and sound levels, in the form of music, voiceover, and sound effects. The sound can have a relaxing effect on the brain that can make you fall asleep faster.

To be more optimal, it is advisable to wear earphones while listening to the audio. No less important, this application can be operated offline alias without using internet connection.

2. Sleep Genius

The next Android app for insomnia is Sleep Genius that NASA once used to help astronauts sleep. Claimed to reduce stress, anxiety, normalize the respiratory system and heart system, Sleep Genius play audio like neurosensorik algorithm, binaural beat, and pink noise to give effect relaxation. For additional features, Sleep Genius provides a specially designed alarm feature to keep users from getting excited.

3. Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

The Android Music Therapy for Sound Sleep application has a simple concept that music can help a person sleep. Utilizing alpha waves, one type of audio with a frequency of 8Hz-9Hz, this application can make your brain become more relaxed, while closing the eyes and focus refreshing the available audio.

4. Sound Asleep

The fourth application of insomnia is Sound Asleep. Sound Asleep will produce sound effects with a slowing rhythm that usually brings you faster into the dream world. With customizable duration, there are various sounds you can hear, such as the sound of rain, the speed of the train, and the calming effects of tropical forest.

5. Calm

Presenting 25 sounds of nature that can calm the mind, Calm applications not only can help you who are difficult to sleep, but can be utilized while doing meditation with adjustable duration. Not only the sound, Calm application also comes with a variety of bedtime stories that can make your sleep more qualified.

original source: Jalantikus

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