Awesome! This College Make Apple Watch As A Student Card Alternative

Awesome! This College Make Apple Watch As A Student Card Alternative
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One form of identity that is important to a student is a student card. Although much has been updated with a given kind of digitalization technology whether using a chip or magnetic data strips, future developments of course will be more advanced again and may not be physical anymore. Or maybe use an alternative?

Yudha P., Tekno Kompas - The use of wearable technology is increasingly pervasive in many aspects of life, including the education system. Not just a learning tool, this technology is also used to replace student identity cards at a university.

The University of Alabama, one of the most popular colleges in the United States, issued a new policy for its students. This policy is related to the use of Apple Watch that will be used as a substitute for student cards. According to the highest leadership at the University of Alabama, Stewart Bell, this program is actually made to optimize the use of wearable devices are increasingly popular among students. He said the plan had been worked on for some time and was waiting for the right time to launch. "We have actually been working on this project in secret, this is a future technology that will allow our students to gain better security access," Bell said as quoted by KompasTekno of The Tuscaloosa News on Wednesday June 20, 2018.

Awesome! This College Make Apple Watch As A Student Card Alternative
University of Alabama, Image Source: BL Harbert International
This project seems to be done very seriously by the campus. This is evident from the collaboration between Alabama University and Apple as a vendor of Apple Watch since one year back. Support provided by Apple was not limited to Apple Watch devices only. Going forward if this first project runs smoothly, support will also be provided for students using iPhone devices.

In an official statement, Apple said that later Apple Watch students will be used for many things such as access to the library, access to campus events to pay for dinner. Bell confirmed the program will begin to be implemented in September.

In addition to the University of Alabama, there are also several other universities that apply a similar policy that is Duke University and the University of Oklahoma. Both universities will implement a similar policy in September.

source: Tekno Kompas

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