Asus ever want to design a Smartphone with 10 GB of RAM?

Asus ever want to design a Smartphone with 10 GB of RAM?
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Smartphone technology development seems to have not reached the end point. The producers from various leading countries are always racing to create new innovations to attract more markets than others. One of the Smartphone manufacturer, Asus, ever rumored to want to make a Smartphone with a pretty crazy specifications.

Yudha P., Tekno Kompas - Until now, the highest amount of RAM on a new smart phone reaches 8 GB. But reportedly, Taiwanese Smartphone manufacturer, Asus, once designed the phone with 10 GB of RAM.

This was revealed by a famous leaker, Roland Quandt via his Twitter account @rquandt. He said that about ten months ago, Asus had intended to drown this jumbo RAM on one of the newest devices despite ending with failure.

When the issue of ROG gaming phones are also sticking out so that the idea of ​​10 GB of RAM phone is associated with the news of making mobile phone Asus ROG. But on the way, Asus had to throw this idea away because of technical obstacles. Quoted KompasTekno from PhoneArena on Monday June 11, 2018, modules used according to Roland, can not be incorporated into the phone body. This is because the size of this 10 GB RAM module is too big so if forced, the phone will not have a disproportionate dimension. "A few months ago, Asus plans to embed 10 GB of RAM in its new flagship phone (probably ROG), but it can not be done due to packaging problems (usually put on top of SoC, but no more space to put the module)," Roland said.

Asus ever want to design a Smartphone with 10 GB of RAM?
Roland Quandt's twitter at @rquandt, source:
This idea is arguably quite "crazy" considering desktop and laptop PCs are notebene larger than a smartphone, still adopt less than 10 GB of RAM. Nevertheless keep in mind also that the amount of 10 GB of RAM may be excessive because the size of RAM for it would not be used entirely.

But if this idea really can be realized, Asus will be the first smartphone manufacturer to successfully immerse 10 GB of RAM on the phone. It will also be a new breakthrough in the smart phone industry. Although failed in the experiment a few months ago, this idea would certainly not be abandoned by Asus. It is likely that Asus is still preparing this 10 GB RAM for other flagship smartphone or even next generation ROG Phone. Who knows?

source: tekno kompas

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