Asus makes a special MotherBoard for Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies "Miners".

ASUS makes a special MotherBoard for Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies "Miners".
Image Source: CryptoCrimson
Getting and using Bitcoin which has a high and stable value right now is the dream of most people. But there are still many who are confused to start getting it (by mining or trading) especially hardware problems. Understanding the problem, Asus is trying to provide a solution.

Anggoro S. J., Inet Detik - Asus showcased its newest motherboard called H370 Mining Master. From the name alone, this motherboard has been seen made for the needs of cryptocurrency mining. What are its advantages?

The advantage is support for 20 graphics cards that can be used on this motherboard simultaneously. Not only that, the 20 graphics card is connected to the motherboard using a riser USB cable so it is not directly attached to the motherboard.

It makes device maintenance easier, reduces the number of graphics card revocations via PCIe, as well as more accurate diagnostics. According to Asus, this format is better than plugging the graphics card directly into the PCIe slot on the motherboard.

Asus makes a special MotherBoard for Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies "Miners".
Asus H370 Mining Master, Image Source: Inet Detik
The name, "Mining Master" that carried on H370 not only because it can support 20 graphics card, but because this motherboard is optimized for cryptocurrency mining, as quoted from The Verge, Friday, June 1, 2018.

The emergence of digital currency mining is indeed changing the PC hardware industry drastically, such as making the price of graphics cards soaring because of less supply. In addition, PC component manufacturers also create components that are optimized for mining activities, one of them Asus. Asus is not the first company to make special cryptomining motherboards. Nevertheless, until now, support for the most graphics card on the motherboard made by the manufacturer from Taiwan.

The price of the H370 Mining Master has not been announced yet, but when it is available on the market in Q3 2018, the price should be not far compared to regular PC components, which range in price from USD 50 to USD 400.

source: Inet Detik

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