5 Mistakes When Buying a New Smartphone

5 Mistakes When Buying a New Smartphone
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There are some misatakes which may be unknowingly happened when we want to buy a new smartphone. Whether we realize it or not, better if us to discuss it.

Tommy K., Liputan6 -  Nowadays smartphones are already a staple that we must have to optimize our lives through technology. For example to buy goods, transfer money, order motorcycles, watch movies, to order food, everything can pass with a help from smartphone.

Unfortunately, some people are still confused when they want to buy a smartphone. The confusion also makes them the wrong select smartphone. At first you want to buy a good quality smartphone but instead got a device that features less support.

So for avoid the unwanted, try to understand the following 5 things so you are not easily deceived when you want to buy a new smartphone.

1. Do not Easily Believe With TV Ads

In every TV ad(s), the smartphone always comes with perfect lighting, dancing in the air and there is a beautiful actress who holds the device. Then we were tempted and bought the smartphone. Keep in mind, an ad only shows the best functionality of the smartphone.

We do not know other functions, such as performance, or what if the device is held by men with oily hands, surely the impression will be much different than in advertising is not it? So, don't be fooled by advertising, if you are interested in the smartphone try to find more info on the Internet.

If you want to see a smartphone that you are interested in someone's grasp, try watching a smartphone review on YouTube. Currently on YouTube has started many people who do a smartphone review.

2. Be careful with sales promotion appeals

5 Mistakes When Buying a New Smartphone
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For a salesperson, the target is everything. So, to realize that dream, the sellers have to work hard to convince their customers by seducing. We all know about it, but how to avoid the seduction?

If you want to buy a smartphone, try to invite a friend who already understand about gadgets. If no, try to find references first before going to the store. In this way you will not be easily deceived by the seduction of the sales.

3. Direct Buying Without Checking to Other Stores

Some people when he saw the smartphone, whether it's in a shopping center or in traditional stalls, somehow made the mistake--when someone tends to get interested and buy it right away.

Just like buying other products, remember to do pricing research first before buying a smartphone. Do not be satisfied with visiting just one store. Do visit some other stores and compare prices between these stores. This way you can save money you have.

These tips also apply when you want to buy a smartphone in an online store. Make a small research by opening other online store sites that could offer different prices.

4. Famous Brand doesn't always have a Good Quality

5 Mistakes When Buying a New Smartphone
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Most people do not thinking twice when they want to buy a smartphone -- they assume that the famous brand is definitely the best. But that assumption is not entirely true.

Do not be too fascinated with the brand from the United States (US), because smartphones from Taiwan and China were also good too. Already many Asian vendors are realizing that quality is everything and they are doing an excellent development. Competition among smartphone vendors in Asia has been increasingly fierce, so customers get many choices.

No need to bother fetching into get a smartphone from the branded one, yet many smartphones are cheaper with features that are not less support.

5. Know your Need

5 Mistakes When Buying a New Smartphone
Image Source: Liputan6
Here are the most final tips and you should do. Maybe you can ignore all the tips above, but if you understand your needs, then buy a smartphone as needed, then all those problems can be minimized.

It's no use if you like photographs, but buy a smartphone with a bad quality camera. You loved to travel but unknowingly buy a smartphone with a small-capacity battery. You loved to play games, but the smartphone screen was so small and the performance is slow. Of course all that will make you stressed and regret having bought a smartphone that you have selected.

So, before you buy a new smartphone, find out what you really need. Whether you like photos, like to go for a walk or playing games. Choose a smartphone as you needed to. Do not forget to note the vital things that are often not widely understood, like the ranging from battery power, outside the screen, and RAM.

Source: Liputan6

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