Here are 5 functions of Airplane Mode on your Smartphone!

Here are 5 functions of Airplane Mode on your Smartphone!
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Airplane Mode Function is generally known to stop the process of searching for signals by the smartphone especially when we are in the plane. But actually there are some other functions of airplane mode that we need to know.

Agustin Setyo Wardani, Tekno Liputan6-Jakarta - When boarding a plane, the owner of the smartphone often times features Airplane Mode alias aircraft mode. By enabling Airplane Mode, passengers still use the device during flight without fear of disturbing the aircraft's communication system.

However, the function of Airplane Mode was not limited to the safety of the flight, there are several other functions of Airplane Mode when the smartphone user does not get on the plane.

1. Save your Battery Life

The smartphone battery is a valuable thing nowadays. How not, when the smartphone battery runs out, users must be confused considering the smartphone has become one of the needs of the present. Well, Airplane Mode you can activate when your smartphone smartphone drop when outside the home. The goal is to save battery, especially if you have to contact someone.

By activating the Airplane Mode function, the background process running on the smartphone or tablet will stop, thus, the battery will be more durable.

2. Avoid Distractions

Have you ever bothered with the many notifications from a smartphone while on a trip or driving? If ever, you can activate Airplane Mode. By enabling Airplane Mode, you will no longer get interference from the smartphone and can concentrate. No more notifications that would interfere.

3. Strengthen the Signal

Smartphone users must have felt the signal on his smartphone is so slow. It is certainly very frustrating. There is one way that you can do to restore the signal back on the smartphone, of course, other than by restarting the device.

Yes, use the Airplane Mode. When this feature is enabled, all smartphone networks will be automatically disconnected. Well, when Airplane Mode is disabled, the smartphone will automatically search for a new network.

4. Speed-up Battery Charging

When charging the smartphone battery, most people always turn on their device to stay playable or receive notifications. This turned out to make the charging so not maximal. Well, if you want a full-speed smartphone battery while it's charging, you can activate Airplane mode while connecting the power cord.

Why it can speed up battery charging? This is the explanation: when the Airplane Mode is active, all cellular connections, WiFi, Bluetooth, until GPS will be turned off. Thus, unused battery power to perform many activities in addition to charging. This is what makes charging activity faster.

5. Speed-up your Device (Especially Android)

If your device (especially Android) device is slow, Airplane Mode can also be activated to make it no longer slow.

You need to know, one of the causes of your device is running slow is the amount of traffic data into and out of your device. So, when Airplane Mode is on, all data traffic will be turned off, thus, the smartphone will quickly again.

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