Tips & Trick: 5 ways to strengthen WiFi signal through your smartphone!

Tips & Trick: 5 ways to strengthen WiFi signal through your smartphone!

Ever felt when we use WiFi especially when at home, the connection is very slow or unstable? This has become a commonplace, which is most likely the connection problem itself. Well, problems like this can not be let alone, it's time to act through your smartphone!

Agustin Setyo Wardani, Liputan6, Indonesia - Most smartphones on the market already support the LTE 4G network so the connection is faster. However, when at home or in cafes, people tend to better utilize WiFi signal.Now, what if the WiFi signal is so slow and unstable? Here are five tips for improving WiFi signals that connect to your smartphone, without apps.

1. Put WiFi Router on the Open Space

The easiest way you can do is put the WiFi router or mobile WiFi on the open space. By doing so, your WiFi signal will be protected from obstructions such as walls, doors, or cabinets that may have blocked the signal in the room.

2. Change the Password 

The second way you can do if the WiFi signal feels slow is to change the WiFi password. Why? When WiFi signal is slow there is the possibility of WiFi you have been burglarized by others with WiFi burglar application on smartphone. For that, you can overcome it by changing the WiFi password periodically and choose a safer combination of passwords.

3. Removing Saved WiFi Networks

If you often use free WiFi signals in cafes, libraries, and many other places, smartphones will store WiFi networks. This will affect the performance of your WiFi smartphone signal. Therefore, you need to delete the old WiFi list that may no longer be used. For example, the name of WiFi in a hangout. That way, WiFi signal connected to the smartphone can work better.

4. Use Custom ROM / Kernel

If some of your smartphone developers provide an alternative ROM / kernel for your smartphone than the original ROM / kernel from your smartphone, you can use it so that your smartphone can receive WiFi signal with maximum. This is because the custom kernel will provide many improvements and tweaks that can improve your smartphone signal or WiFi signal strength.

5. Remove the Smartphone Case (If you used)

Many people wear protective or casing on their smartphones in order to protect the smartphone from physical damage. However, the casing may be a signal barrier because WiFi antennas in smartphones are covered in casing. Therefore, you can check the casing of the smartphone or also remove it while being connected to WiFi.

Hopefully some ways above can help!

Otiginal Source: Tekno Liputan6 (Indonesia)

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