Smart Sunglasses of Chinese Police can Detect Criminal's Face

Smart Sunglasses of Chinese Police can Detect Criminal's Face
The development of gadgets is intended to help human activities, not least in the field of crime. There are many types of developments that have been created - and now there is a cool invention that is applied in Chinese police.

Smart Sunglasses of Chinese Police can Detect Criminal's Face

From Liputan6, Indonesia - Google officially launched Google Glass five years ago. Although welcomed by users, not a few people feel the device made by the giant search engine company is a failed product. Evidently, in just two years of its launch, Google decided to stop production and sale of Google Glass in the United States.

Even so, smart sunglasses reportedly quite hits in some countries, one of them China. In fact, smart sunglasses into a device must be used by police in China.

Quoted from the page of The Wall Street Journal, Friday February 9, 2018, Chinese police are now using smart glasses equipped with face recognition technology. The Chinese police claim that smart glasses and embedded technology are used to identify criminals, and detect people using fake ID cards.

How it Works?

It remains unclear how this face detection technology works? From what is described, the way it works is fairly simple.

Policemen who use these clever glasses only need to see someone through a camera mounted in smart glasses. Next, the camera will take a picture of the person's face, and compare it to the existing database in just seconds. Although quite efficient, did not rule out many parties who oppose the use of these smart glasses by the police.

Many feel the search and identification process violate someone's privacy. Especially if the person is not a criminal and does not make any mistakes.

Original Source: Liputan6

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