Cool! Google Offers Features for Knowing User's Depression

Cool! Google Offers Features for Knowing User's Depression

Depression is a declining mental problem known only to the sufferer, so it is sometimes difficult to detect a person whether depressed or not. However, it seems this time the problem started slightly simplified.

TECHNO OKEZONE - As you've known, Stress becomes one of the symptoms that can make a person unable to concentrate to complete their tasks. Depression or excessive stress can certainly affect your health.Then as reported from CNN, Google now has a new feature designed to help people with depression. Users in the United States who are searching for depression and depression based on clinic will be offered a question for their level of confidence. In addition, this question will also determine whether they should seek professional help. It is submitted by Google through posting in a Blog.

Users looking for information about depression will be shown in a box above their screen, so they will be asked to "check if you're clinically depressed". This clinical validation test is called PHQ-9, where it will be asked about energy, appetite, concentration levels and other things.

Technology companies say that this is recognized as something of sensitive information and privacy. This is not supposed to be responded to. Google itself says it has the initiative to develop its partnership with the National Alliance on Metal Illness (NAMI). "The results of this PHQ-9 can help you to have information to communicate with your doctor," said NAMI CEO's Mary Giliberti.

Clinical depression has affected one in five Americans. But individually the symptoms of depression occur on average in the six to eight years before they finally contact the professional. "We hope that by making this information available on Google, there will be more people who are more aware of the symptoms of depression and looking for ways to do healing so that they can improve their quality of life," she explained.

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