The Biggest TV in the World!?

The Biggest TV in the World!?
Image Source: Tekno Liputan6
Have an LED screen for your computer with 32-inch size? It has become commonplace. Have a home theater + TV with 80-inch size? Maybe some people have been able to have it. But is anyone able to guess this: 146 Inch TV?


Yeah. It's true and real.

Jeko I.R, Tekno Liputan 6-Indonesia - Samsung's latest QLED TV in 2018 is not the only one who stole the spotlight of First Look's event visitors held in New York, US. In one corner of the exhibition which was also held next to the QLED TV launch stage, there was a large wall featuring a series of pictures in a very sharp color bandage.

Curious, Tekno who also attended the event, came to that big wall. Investigate a calibaration, this wall is "The Wall" - as the name suggests - Samsung modular TV with size 146 inches.

For design, this TV brings the concept of bezeless and "module-based". Samsung said, this allows consumers to adjust the size of the television according to their needs. By size, The Wall is indeed very large. He can take the size of one wall and come up with a super sharp screen. To note, Samsung has introduced The Wall since January 2018 on the mat CES (Consumer Electronic Show) held in Las Vegas.

Furthermore, this TV utilizes Samsung's latest display technology called Micro LED, which is a refinement of the previous television screen technology, such as LED, OLED, and QLED.

The Biggest TV in the World!?
Image Source: Tekno Liputan6
When compared with other screens, Micro LED display is actually present to bring better image quality, clearer, and color levels of brightness more contrast and thick. This will automatically make HDR or HDR10 + content more comfortable and pamper the eyes when viewed.

Due to the modular, this TV screen can be used for display on wall or adjustable room size. Samsung itself revealed, "The Wall" will soon be marketed in August 2018.

So how? Are you interested in having it?

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