Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin Will Be World Currency

Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin Will Be World Currency
Image Source: The Merkle
Some moneymakers in the virtual world certainly know this, Bitcoin - Especially with the fantastic exchange rate against the original currency as happened lately. Getting the Bitcion can be spelled out easily, but must be with the preparation that does not play especially in the hardware.

Wahyunanda K. P., Tekno Kompas - Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey predicted that a decade ahead, the bitcoin currency will replace the entire world currency. Dorsey believes that bitcoin will eventually overcome all kinds of financial transaction barriers adopted globally so far. Although today, the use of bitcoin is still plagued by volatility or price that is easy to rise and fall, mainly due to banning ads on multiple platforms and refusals in some countries. The ease of transaction and availability of use also poses a major challenge to cryptocurrency or virtual currency. 

Dorsey estimates that after bitcoin becomes a currency that can make transactions simpler, then service providers and products begin to accept it, then eventually this cyptocurrency will likely become more stable.

Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin Will Be World Currency
Jack Dorsey, Twitter's CEO; Image Source: Entrepreneur
In the past few months, Dorsey has also introduced a virtual currency in his new startup in the field of mobile peer-to-peer payments called "Square" which he co-founded with Jim McKelvey in 2010. Unfortunately, Dorsey's double positions give rise to a slant from some industry observers. They suspect that, in the position of a double CEO, Dorsey will be depressed, and involve him in a conflict of interest. 

Dorsey called the difficulty of thinking objectively to make decisions about cyptocurrency advertising on the Twitter platform, as KompasTekno collects from Android Headlines on Friday March 23, 2018. Because, some other platforms such as Google, Facebook and Snapchat firmly prohibit the mechanism of issuance of coins prime (ICO), as well as ads that correlate with blockchain. But Dorsey has another answer. He insists that bitcoin is a technological transformation, which does not work in place, but will replace all payment methods.

Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin Will Be World Currency
Image of Bitcoin's Transaction; Image Source: Online Investor nook
Twitter itself reap profits in the first quarter of 2018 after being plagued by losses sued for 12 years. But the surplus is derived from the savings of the budget, not the increase in income.

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