This is the Most Troubled iPhone Series

This is the Most Troubled iPhone Series
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iPhone which is the exclusive smartphone from Apple is known for it's quality from all sides, so many interesting market though with a fantastic price. But who would have thought if there is one line of the iPhone is considered a lot to have problems?

Yudha P., Tekno Kompas - A study reveals that the iPhone 6 turned out to be the generation of the iPhone with the most problems. Whether it's a regular iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, even the highest series, iPhone 6s Plus.

This is revealed from the report of data security firm, Blancco. The data shows the iPhone 6 is in the top position with a percentage of problems of 22%. Underneath is the iPhone 6s with a percentage of 16% and iPhone 6s Plus with a rate of 9%. From the research, it is known there are some components that become problems of this generation iPhone 6, namely Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, headset, up to mobile data capabilities.

According to Blancco analysts, one factor is the cause of software support that is not in accordance with the hardware capabilities of this generation iPhone 6. Quoted KompasTekno from Apple Insider on Sunday, June 14, 2018, since its inception, the iPhone 6 is known already has two major problems that envelop. First is the battery performance issues that affect the performance of the phone. Second is the problem of operating system that is not in accordance with the hardware capabilities. Not only that, in 2014 ago, the generation of iPhone 6 is also known to be very prone to bend on the body. Even this case could become viral and warm conversation in social media especially among YouTuber who like to review or test Smartphone.

This is the Most Troubled iPhone Series
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At that time Apple insisted that the phone did not have any problems on the design side. And the iPhone crooked-case only occurs on some users. But a lawsuit filed in court in 2016 and declared otherwise.

Apple said that the problem of the curved device is very rare. Steve Jobs's company also said that the design of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus using a steel material that is useful to strengthen the structure of the device. But after that, many outstanding videos on YouTube that showed that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is easily bent with a little pressure only.

Research from Blancco seems to justify all the things that have happened on the iPhone 6. From the results of this study iPhone 6 became the most problematic iPhone generation. Even still lost with the quality of the iPhone 5s which only has a percentage of failure of 5% only. Overall of this research shows that iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X became Apple's most minimal product problem until this year. iPhone 8 and iPhone X equally pocketed the percentage error rate of only 3%.
Source: Tekno Kompas

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