In India, Android Smartphone More In demand than iPhone

In India, Android Smartphone More In demand than iPhone
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As far as we know, the iPhone from Apple is a smartphone that is probably the most widely used by the world community, especially the middle to rich. But this does not seem to apply in India.

Jeko. I. R., Liputan6 - iPhone sales in India are getting worse. Recent reports say that total iPhone sales in Hindustan Land range from less than one million units during the first quarter of this year.

Bloomberg reported via Ubergizmo on Monday July 16, 2018, in addition to the sluggish sales of the iPhone in India, known to three ranks of Apple's executives have also left the company. It is not known what caused it, but a source claims the third reason to resign because of tripping restructuring of the company's operations in India.

Not only that, Apple's market share in India also decreased 2%. Reports from Counterpoin Research also revealed that total sales of iPhone units this year has not been able to compete with total iPhone sales in India last year, which is able to print a total figure of 2.3 million units. Regardless of Apple's "red report" in India, they are actually planning to be more aggressive in strengthening its tariff in India. One of the efforts made is to build a manufacturing factory iPhone 6s and SE to avoid tax rates and can sell the device at a cheaper price. Unfortunately, the effort does not seem to work properly.

To note, before building an iPhone factory in India, Apple has met with a number of key officials in New Delhi. In the meeting, Apple had discussed the preparation of manufacturing facilities in the country. But Apple has many requests, one of which is a 15-year tax holiday for imported parts and equipment.

India insists that Apple and other retail brands, if they want to build stores in India, products sold must contain 30 percent of local components. But the government gives a little leeway, so technology companies can operate their stores for three years before fulfilling those requirements.

Android Gets 97 Percent of Indian Smartphone Market

In India, Android Smartphone More In demand than iPhone
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India itself is one of the countries with the most Android user base.

According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, the OS with a green robot mascot leads the smartphone market in India. Android market share in India even rocketed to 97.1%. The number rose seven percent from 90% in 2016. From the unit, shipping Android-based smartphone as much as 29.8 million. Total shipments of smartphones in India alone over the period were 30.7 million units.

"Android smartphone shipments in India reached 29.8 million units in the second quarter of 2016, growing 28 percent from 23.2 million units in the second quarter of 2015," said Strategy Analytics Executive Director, Neil Mawston, as quoted from GSMArena.

In India, Android Smartphone More In demand than iPhone
Image Source: Liputan6
According to Mawston, Android's dominance in the Indian smartphone market seems unbeatable for now. Success is not separated from the role of various parties, including hardware partners. "This is thanks to a strong portfolio of hardware partners, distribution channels, and low-cost applications that much like Gmail," he continued.

In the midst of Android domination, other OS like iOS only get a small part of the market. IOS market share fell from 4.5% from second quarter 2015 to 2.4%. While the rest of the other market share is owned by a combined other OS of 0.5%.

"Apple should reduce the price of the iPhone to a lower price level, cooperate with more operators for subsidized cooperation and increase the presence of iPhones in retail through the Apple Store or online line, if you want to grow the market significantly in the future," explained Director Strategy Analytics, Woody Oh.

Source: Liputan6

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