7 Simple Ways to Protect your iPhone!

7 Simple Ways to Protect your iPhone!
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iPhone is already known by the public as a premium-quality Smartphone with good quality, so many people love it. But as good as an object, if not properly treated it will be damaged as well. Let's see below!

Fatimah K. B., Tekno Kompas - iPhone is now one of the best-selling mobile phone in the world. This achievement can not be separated from innovation and consistency of Apple in terms of design, specifications, and features. Even so, the iPhone was not separated from the gap. Along with the continuous usage, the iPhone's ability can decrease.

There are some problems that are often encountered when using the iPhone with a simple solution, following how to care for the iPhone easily and economically, as compiled KompasTekno on Wednesday, July 18, 2018 from BusinessInsider.

First, the home button that feels sticky and can not read fingerprint sensor. This problem is usually experienced by users whose fingers are easy to sweat. Sweat was not quickly cleaned and piled into dirt on the home button. The solution is simple, just wipe cotton-bud with spiritus or that contain alcohol. Next, rub the cotton bud circularly in the home button. Make sure you clean up to the wall in the home button.

Second, the charger is getting slower charging. This problem can be caused by small dust fibers trapped inside the port. Clean the fibers with a toothpick. The trick is easy, just enter the tip of the toothpick and slowly remove the dirt trapped inside the port.

7 Simple Ways to Protect your iPhone!
Image Source: Kompas
Third, the voice is less clear when receiving the phone. Once again, this problem can be triggered dirt stored in small holes of speakers to call. Use a pencil eraser to clean it. You just have to scrub the eraser into the small holes of the speakers for a few seconds.

Fourth, the charger cable that the outer layer is torn. This is one of the most common problems experienced by iPhone users. It is easy to fix,  just wrap the torn wire with silicon-glue or ribbon made from rubber. That way, the cable will be solid as before.

Fifth, you also can put the iPhone when you want to watch the video without having to buy a special mat. Simply clip the iPhone on a binder clip that is usually used for paper.

Sixth, for those of you who crave the digital pen on the iPhone, it turns out you can make your own! The trick, tin roll (tinfoil) on the cotton bud. Next, wet the tip of the cotton bud, but do not overdo it. That way, the flow of magnets will flow naturally and make your iPhone respond like a digital pen.

Seventh, if you want to dry the wet iPhone, no need to dry it with a wasteful electric dryer. You can use the silica gel that is usually found on the new shoe packaging. Collect silica gel into the jar. Then, sink your iPhone into the silica gel for a few hours.

Good luck!

7 Simple Ways to Protect your iPhone!
Image Source: Slashgear
Source: Tekno Kompas

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