Ends: Yahoo Sold, Then How's Their Users?

Ends: Yahoo Sold, Then How's Their Users?
Email services, before Google has well-known, Yahoo was a king. But, now, Yahoo, has lose its light, defeated by Google, even some people in this world still use it. As we known, Yahoo has been purchased by Verizon, and it makes people which uses Yahoo's services confused, about their data especially.

Even Yahoo and Verizon, still not given an official announcement about this. They still not give to us about user's data at Yahoo's database will be treated later.

Ends: Yahoo Sold, Then How's Their Users?
Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's CEO
Based by information that spreads at Associated Press which interviewed Yahoo's CEO, Marissa Mayer, she said that Verizon will still use "Yahoo" for its own brand.

About email services, Yahoo have a second-bigger total user in USA, moreover in Europe and South America. Based by these data, Verizon will still use name "Yahoo" for email services, as said by observer Paul Verna.

If we see at AOL which also bought by Verizon, Users who registered their email under address AOL are no need to change their email address to access AOL Services. Instead AOL given more capacity and storage for their user. I think Yahoo should do something like that if they still want their user stay with Yahoo.

Meanwhile, Yahoo known has closed some content divisions such as Yahoo Health, Yahoo Real Estate, and 5 more. For this time, recently, all that remains is Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports, as informed by New York Times, Wednesday July 27, 2016.

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