5G Network, How Fast Will be?

Faster and more stable network connection--who doesn't want it? But unfortunatey the reality we've known, our structure and architecture are still not support for it. Out latest wireless connection standard, 4G (LTE) has able to transfer data up to 1 Gigabit per second. But, mostly, our connection can't reach "that speed", even though they were used "4G support" frills.

Nah, FYI, the next generation of 4G, 5G, will deliver more faster connection. As written on Wired (Wed, April 5 2017) the 5G's download speed will reach 10 Gigabit per second, as estimating you will get a HD film in a few-several seconds only. Wow!

5G Network, How Fast Will be?

From site 5g.co.uk , 5G will be able to transfer data up to 20 Gigabit per second, while Nokia said that 5G network will be able to perform online video streaming at 8K quality. But at 5G Innovation Center, the perform shown the result more better and amazing, that with 5G will be able to transfer data up to 1 Terabit per second! It said more 65000 times faster than predicted.

Moreover, 5G will reduce latency significantly, meant that 5G will deliver you a wireless broadband connection that capable to accomodate thousands devices at same time. Amazing!

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