Apple's iPhpne First Dual-SIM !?

Apple's iPhpne First Dual-SIM !?
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The iPhone is famous for its top-notch smartphones and has a myriad of advantages -though there are some pretty fatal greedies too- and are owned by classy people as well. There is one characteristic that owned this smartphone, which is still survive in the SIM single where competitors (android) already using dual sim. But, does the single SIM license of the iPhone will be end soon?

Yudha P., Tekno Kompas - The dual SIM feature has long been a trend in the smartphone industry. However, Apple has never made any iPhone that supports this capability. But analysts at KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo predict the dual-SIM feature will be coming soon on the next iPhone device. 

Apple's iPhpne First Dual-SIM !?
Ming-Chi Kuo; Image Source: Cult of Mac
Keep in mind, Ming-Chi Kuo is an analyst who is known to be accurate in predicting Apple products to be released. In its latest report, Kuo said at the end of 2018, Apple is expected to release three new iPhone variants. 

Two of the three iPhone will have a choice of two SIM card features. Dual-SIM support is forecast to be present on two models of the iPhone with a screen measuring 6.1 and 6.5 inches. As for the iPhone measuring 5.8 inches, it is unlikely this feature will be present. However, Apple is expected to keep its devices that only support one SIM card slot. That's why in his report, Kuo wrote that there will be two options for consumers to make choices, of course at different prices.

Apple's iPhpne First Dual-SIM !?
Image Source: CNET
Quoted by KompasTekno from 9to5mac, Friday April 20, 2018, Kuo rate support dual SIM slot will certainly create a new price segment for the iPhone market. The reason, this feature has been very popular in the market, especially Asia and Europe. Price iPhone with dual-SIM capability is predicted between 650 US dollars  to 750 US dollars. While the iPhone with a single SIM is expected to be sold at a cheaper price, which is about 550 US dollars. 

Apple itself has not commented about this Kuo prediction. Nevertheless, some parties guess if this news is true. Apple has great potential to grow in Asian and European markets. The news presence of dual SIM support on the iPhone actually been widely circulated since 2016 ago. At that time iPhone 7 is forecast to have this feature. But until the iPhone 7 was released, Apple still maintains the single SIM support feature and has not yet entered the market.

Source: Tekno Kompas

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