Stephen Hawking: Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Endangers Humans

Stephen Hawking: Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Endangers Humans

The form of artificial intelligence that is now widely applied in computers to solve complex problems, such as decision support is a lot of help humans in life. But apparently, there are others who argue - saying that artificial intelligence is even harmful to humans. Let's see the opinion of one of these famous physicists, Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking: Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Endangers Humans
Stephen Hawking (from SlashGear)
From VIVA NEWS INDONESIA - British's scientist Stephen Hawking reminded that artificial intelligence (AI) has two sides.

On the one side, AI can help prevent natural destruction, eradicate poverty and disease. However, on the other hand, if it can not control, then AI will create 'the worst event in the history of human civilization'.

"Computers, can and do, imitate human intelligence, even transcend it.In theory it is true. If human beings are very dependent on AI, it is not impossible, our civilization will be destroyed," Hawking said--quoted by CNBC, Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

Hawking's destructiveness is like creating a powerful autonomous weapon or new ways aimed at suppressing, even annihilating, a nation. "If we do not learn how to prepare ourselves, and avoid any potential risks, then AI could be the worst event in the history of our civilization," he added.

He also highlighted some of the legislative work undertaken in Europe, especially proposals submitted by the Benua Biru parliamentarians earlier this year to establish new rules around AI and robotics. Hawking strongly supports what the European Parliament undertakes to limit the role of AI.

"I am optimistic and believe that our goal is to create AI for the good of the world without putting aside the dangers of this technology."

So, quoting from what Stephen explains, then we can conclude that the true AI can help human life, but not because of the sophistication of the growing future, making a tool that can disrupt the stability of world peace. Therefore, the role of AI or its development, must be fully observed and monitored.

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